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A group of engineers continues to grow, attentive listening to the questions raised and ready to study effective solutions with the most modern design CAD systems, 3D mechanical, electrical and software.

Ideas that make the most simple production processes and better. Specifically our design activities concern mechanical disegnazioni inherent special machines and their automation equipment, handling lines, for quenching the induction machines, cables for treatment machinery, railway facilities.

Our work begins with the study of the project and ends with the development and completion of mechanical designs which fit the plant required. We can guarantee our customers the technical support is at our studio, both at their headquarters for about 20,000 hours / year with the use of qualified personnel and in constant search for technical and professional evolution. For the realization of the commissioned projects, we use standard software tools such as: Catia V5 (3D), Autodesk AutoCad (2D), Autodesk Inventor (3D), Solidworks (3D). This approach allows the interface with almost any graphics system used by the customers who rely on our structure..

From the early eighties, the spread of more accurate product quality checks gave rise to the need in the automotive industry


DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers. We are committed to making the world a better place through our world-first products and technologies.