"MOVITEC soul creates ideas and makes the simple production processes and better quality in industrial automation 


The only working legacy is an anvil dated 1906, used by a man who worked with such passion: my grandfather. Everything else is the result of commitment, dedication, diligence, and above all capable staff which since 1994 have allowed a small office to turn in company of which today are very proud 


Our first objective is to satisfy the customer. From the welcome, to the administration, the heads of the various areas, shopping, coming fi no to young students in internships: all are committed to offer the best in your industry, responding with professionalism, expertise and optimism to the many daily demands 


 A group of engineers continues to grow, attentive listening to the questions raised and ready to study effective solutions with the most modern design CAD systems, 3D mechanical, electrical and software. Ideas that make the most simple production processes and better.


The one that was originally an idea is turned into reality by skilled operators that create machines that reflect faithfully all that has been studied and designed. The customer is assisted in all phases: from study to project completion.



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    Un gruppo di tecnici in continua crescita, attenti nell’ascoltare le problematiche poste

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    Frutto di impegno, dedizione, solerzia e di validi collaboratori che dal 1994 hanno permesso ad un piccolo ufficio di trasformarsi nell’azienda che è oggi

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    Attenti nell’ascoltare le problematiche poste e pronti a studiare soluzioni efficaci

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    Nel reparto produttivo disponiamo di frese, torni CNC e tutte le attrezzature di controllo di ultima generazione, per garantire risultati di altissimo livello.

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    Per la realizzazione dei progetti commissionati utilizziamo strumenti software standard quali: Catia V5 (3D), Autodesk AutoCad (2D), Autodesk Inventor (3D), Solidworks (3D)

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    Tutte le parti fondamentali sono progettate costruite e montate internamente da abili fresatori e tornitori

From the early eighties, the spread of more accurate product quality checks gave rise to the need in the automotive industry


DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers. We are committed to making the world a better place through our world-first products and technologies.